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Native Instruments Battery 4 [Drum Sampler] MAC OS

By | 3 October 2021

Native Instruments Battery is a professional drum sampler. The widespread use of this sampler is made possible by low system resource requirements, ease of use and compatibility with a huge number of sample formats. The highlight of Battery is the matrix, the dimension of which can be changed by the user depending on the number of loaded… Read More »

Audiority – Plugins Bundle 2021.9 VST, VST3, AAX x64

By | 18 September 2021

The list of modules is in the description in the distribution header.Big Goat – Virtual simulator of a vintage pedal fuzz.Blue Face —Virtual vintage pedal fuse simulatorDeleight is a stereo multiple delay processor based on hardware processors from the 90s.Distortion 1 is an analog model vintage distortion plug-in.The Echoes T7E is a faithful model of a vintage tube magnetic echo created in… Read More »

Line6 – Helix Native v3.01 Keygen-R2R

By | 29 August 2021

Helix Native is a guitar processor that includes more than 60 amplifiers, more than 30 cabinets and more than 100 effects. Supports third-party IRs pulses.Add. Information : Tested personally on Reaper’s 6.xx, which regularly crashed with the release from VR. R2R solved this problem. System requirements : Win64, VST / AAX host

Overloud – TH-U Premium 1.4.4 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64

By | 26 August 2021

TH-U is the world’s largest collection in a single software package with over 239 amp, cabinet, effects and microphone models, including officially authorized models from renowned manufacturers. The culmination of revolutionary DSP technology allows users to swap preamp and power amp tubes and even change the variation of the supplied amps.Plus, the included Rig Player reproduces… Read More »

Sonex Audio – Synthesizers

By | 24 August 2021

Legendary Synthesizers: Yamaha DX7, Korg M1, Korg N5, Korg Trinity, Clavia Nord Wave, Clavia Nord Stage, Clavia Nord Modular and Ensoniq TS12.– Nearly 30GB uncompressed sample content (compressed to 17.2GB ) – 12.804 Samples (Kontakt lossless compression format)– Built-in effects: 3-band EQ, compressor, saturation, distortion, chorus, reverb, delay, stereo width, limiter and much more– Complete set of effects in… Read More »

Quiet Art – WaveRider Tg 1.0.4 VST, VST3, AAX x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

By | 23 August 2021

Virtual Automatic Level ControlWave Rider is a plug-in that detects the signal level of sounding tracks and records in real time the amount of automation and information about these tracks in Pro Tools.The main advantage of Wave Rider over standard dynamics control plug-ins is that it attenuates or increases levels depending on the input signal… Read More »

HY-Plugins – HY-Slicer 1.4.2 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

By | 21 August 2021

HY-Slicer is a sample slicer and step sequencer in one plugin. You can cut the loaded samples into 32 pieces and switch these pieces with the internal step sequencer. You can set the slice pointer, disable/enable, division, play shape, reverse on / off, pitch, attack, gate and level. System requirements: Windows 7 or higher ( 32/64 bit) \ OSX… Read More »

Mastering The Mix – MIX ROOM 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX

By | 21 August 2021

“MIXROOM” is an intelligent equalizer that will help you strike the perfect balance of richness and clarity, whether you are working on vocals, synthesizers or mastering your music.MIXROOM analyzes your sound and shows you which frequencies can be adjusted to improve your sound. The suggested EQ target will help you get a solid starting point from… Read More »

Plug and Mix – VIP Bundle REPACK 3.0.3 [AU, VST, RTAS. MAC OS] [x86-x64]

By | 21 August 2021

Plug and Mix – VIP Bundle, getting the great sound just got easier. Just load the plugin and turn the knob for instant sound gratification. This series of plugins provide the same professional sound you’d expect from other major plugin developers, but they are much easier to use. Producers and artists alike need professional-sounding plugins that are also… Read More »

Softube – Drawmer 1973 v2.5.9 R2R

By | 16 August 2021

From an era marked by experimentation with sound, the Drawmer 1973 plug-in is born. The classic Drawmer three-band stereo compressor has been updated and carefully modeled to deliver superior sound quality – to the satisfaction of legendary Ivor Drummer himself.Control the dynamics of your sound with absolute precision while maintaining the unmistakable analog feel. Presets… Read More »