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[Groove3] iZotope RX 8 Tips & Tricks 2021 Tutorial

By | 26 June 2021

Studio Pro Patrick Coffin provides in-depth video tutorials on iZotope RX 8 with tips and tricks! If you want to go further with the iZotope RX 8 and discover new workflows and creative uses for RX, these videos are the place to watch. In addition, to make the repetition easier and more efficient, you will… Read More »

[Groove3] T-RackS Tape Machine Collection Explained

By | 21 June 2021

Eli Krantzberg presents detailed video tutorials on the T-RackS tape set! Learn all about tape compression and saturation, how to apply it to different tracks and mixes, and how to use all of the different T-RackS Tape Machine Collection tape emulations and their features and functions. These video tutorials are for new users of the… Read More »

[Mix With The Masters] Production Theory # 1 – Larry Klein

By | 21 June 2021

Join us for an intimate conversation with distinguished producer, songwriter and musician Larry Klein. In this six-part series, Klein focuses on record production from a philosophical and psychological perspective. It touches on a variety of topics, including the many roles of a producer, artist psychology, instilling confidence and relaxation, maintaining high morale, types of artist-producer… Read More »

[BassGorilla] Psy-Bass: Composition In Ableton With Encanti

By | 21 June 2021

In this course, producer and educator Ben Cantil from Zebbler Encanti Experience guides you through the process of creating a dynamic canvas of glitchy psytrance that transforms into heavy bass music. You will explore several modes of oversampling, phrase writing, synthesizer tuning and genre mixing, presented as a whole. This course will give you the… Read More »

[Mix With The Masters] Mastering Workshop

By | 21 June 2021

Check out the private studio of elite mastering engineer John Greenham! In his debut MWTM series, Greenham takes you through the mastering process of the Grammy-winning Billie Eilish LPs and songs by K. Flay and Donna Missal. In sessions opened at Sequoia, John demonstrates his approach on four different tracks. You will learn how he… Read More »

Production Music Live – Ben Böhmer Style – Melodic Deep Sound Pack

By | 14 May 2021

Production Music Live-Ben Böhmer – Melodic Deep Sound Pack, co-created with Ben and PML.✓ 5 completely new Ableton project files (templates). Ready-to-use Ableton Live projects that you can remix, edit, use as part of your own work.✓ Ben Böhmer sample pack containing over 150 loops and One Shots.✓ Production Music Live Included Midi files (50+… Read More »